Flöhe der Fälschung

Acrylic paint on cotton canvas

Fleas of the Fake (Flöhe der Fälschung)
Fleas of the Fake (Flöhe der Fälschung): acrylic paint on cotton canvas

This one is a couple of years old, could be 2007 or 2008. It was photographed when standing on the floor, with the painting hanging right below the roof, so it’s highly distorted. I’ll try to update it with a better photo as soon as I find some extra time for it.

However, even this distorted, but sharp photograph is way better than what you see below: unsharp, low-light (I’ll update it with a better picture even sooner).

This is a snapshot of the notes on the wall that were playing the inspirational role for Fleas of the Fake. It’s actually a poem (although I know it’s hard to say, as unsharp as it is), with probably at least 3 verses, with the 3rd one hidden behind a hand-print on a canvas and an old canvas behind that. The note is sticked to the wall with a pin.

I honestly have to search through my text archives to see whether that poem was already included in any poetry book (but as this poem must have been written around 2007/2008, too, I suppose it will be not available yet). And as this was written a while ago, I seriously have no clue whether it has more than 3 verses. (Need to search for it  — or look behind the canvasses.)

Anyway – shortly after the poem was written back then, I used it as the inspirational text for the artwork above (that’s what I actually remember for sure – creation of both was not far away from each other in terms of time).

notes for Fleas of the Fake
notes (the poem) for Fleas of the Fake

The artwork was “unnamed” for 7 years now. It received its title when I added it to this blog and the title is, I admit, a simple joke. In the unsharp photograph, “fläche” (plane) looks like “flöhe” (fleas) and so the painting got its title, alluding to the fleas of mind that start jumping in funny parabolae when people accidentally happen to misread something.


And here is the “sketch” (or inspirational background) for “Fleas of the Fake” in a more legible form: a bit sharper, with an a bit higher contrast, in a smaller sight frame (here, you only see the handprinted canvas still covering a part of the poem).

"Sketch" (or inspirational background) for "Flöhe der Fälschung" (Fleas of the Fake)
“Sketch” (or inspirational background) for “Flöhe der Fälschung” (Fleas of the Fake)





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