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Plans with this Blog

This blog is supposed to deal mainly with arts as visitors interested in my other working fields will find those other informations via links on the about page and an arts related blog is what I am currently missing most.

3GB capacity should be OK, if pictures of my arts exhibits excess this volume, there will be enough space on other pages to just simply link there. But 3 GB capacity is probably what will be OK for the start.

This blog is supposed to be a tool to push myself when another painting (or any other arts exhibits) have to wait too long for being finished. Although the poem found online in German language “Acrylmalerei das Gewissen” speaks to me somehow (as does its argumentation that a too hasty arts production may attract too many interested “investors” – with the expected outcome of an economisation of my arts which I am working on avoiding since – for ages…) – even though there is definitely some truth in this poem, pictures that you begin to hear sighing when they wait for their finish is not very productive either – neither for the exhibits as such nor for any input in developments of arts trends as a whole.

Plus, when there is no exhibit, there is not even an “investor” to fear, which in the long turn makes life quite a bit boring.

So – to the details. The blog will contain works in progress in their current state as the core aim of this blog. When ever I manage to make an update, the old version (old reproduction of the arts exhibit in development) will be replaced (similarly to your app and solutions updates). This replacement of old versions will help organise the available 3GB of space.

Meaning that a full step-by-step archive will not be available. Art pieces visible here will show only their most current version. So, if you love arts, found this blog accidentally and fall in love with a certain picture in a certain phase of development: better save that version on your own computer as the final picture may turn out totally different (up to an entire overpainting of canvasses in some cases). Motives can vanish and I don’t necessarily save the intermediate versions for long. This again means if you’re lucky, you might find a real unique artpiece just by revisiting occasionally and saving a version that might be gone for good afterwards.

It will probably make sense to take one post per current new exhibit (lots of space to write the theoretical background below the reproduction of the current “state of the art”). Cathegories will be a nice feature to keep them sorted.

Parallely however (as a side aim), I will step by step upload old reproductions (of old and very old paintings and drawings). As those were mostly organised in “phases” and “series”, these will be best organised in pages not posts.